Fashion Foundry provides business support for fashion and accessory designers in Scotland.

Fashion Foundry was founded and established in 2012 as a sector specific fashion and textiles business incubator and talent hub to support the creative and commercial development of the fashion sector in Scotland.

Supported by Creative Scotland, the programme focuses on accelerating the growth of talent in fashion and textiles for the apparel sector in Scotland, with a specific focus on the international luxury goods market.

The globally renowned Art & Design Colleges in Scotland have always produced fashion designers who have gone on to have international careers in their own right or by working in some of the biggest fashion houses, retailers & manufacturers. Fashion designers and fashion commerce historically is based around the established centres of London, Paris, New York and Milan. The customer base is now global and brands are choosing to base themselves elsewhere and sell internationally and Scotland is a great option in terms of talent and infrastructure to build a business and have access to market.

To date, we have supported the business development of 21 brands through our Emerging Designer studio residency program and 5 more established designers on our Changing Gear programme. You can find out more about them in our designer profile page.

We host a series of events and practical workshops around topics such as crowdfunding, PR, production, costing & pricing and exporting as well as designer talks that are open to anyone to attend.

If you are a designer that needs support in starting or developing your business please contact us.